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Head Start Body Start Preferred Provider LogoHead Start Body Start Preferred Provider

Play Mart, Inc. proudly participated as a 2010 Head Start Body Start Preferred Provider whose purpose is to support physically active and healthy lifestyles among Head Start programs nationwide.

We are still able to offer Value Packages at significant discounts for 2011/2012. Please Contact a Play Mart Representative for more information!

Head Start Body Start National Center for Physical Development and Outdoor Play provides grants of up to $5,000 to Head Start Centers nationwide to improve their outdoor play spaces. Approximately 380+ grants will be given each year until 2012. HSBS is now accepting applications. All applications are due June 1, 2010 at NOON EST. Read full Press Release.

Contact Head Start Body Start to begin your grant application process: download the Play Space RFP, Play Space Assessment Form, and Proposal Form.

Play Mart's Head Start Body Start Preferred Provider Value Packages:

  1. Nature & Garden Center
  2. Outdoor Art Classroom
  3. Music Garden
  4. Water, Sand & Secret Play Spaces

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Play Mart Nature and Garden Center

These products provide very young children the opportunity to begin developing an appreciation for the natural world with authentic nature experiences.  Our Vine House provides the perfect “hiding spot” for imaginative games.  It can be used as a trellis for vines, vegetables or flowers.  The Raised Garden Beds allow children to begin learning simple biology by growing their own vegetables which can be rinsed off at the Clean-up Station and served on the child sized Picnic Table.   The Nature Bowl creates a perfect space for children to gather their collections and have rich tactile experiences.  Developing the skills for sorting and classifying become easier with our Treasure Trays.  Fill the Planters with fragrant flowers to attract beneficial insects and butterflies. Set up the Bird House and invite our feathered friends in!  The Clean-up Station also allows teachers to clean up the children before taking them back to the classroom.  The Tot Trash Receptacle provides opportunity for children to participate in recycling.  Our comfortable, ergonomically designed Bench allows care givers to hold infants, read to the children, etc

Contact a sales representative for more information and pricing!

Nature & Garden Center - HSBS PPL

Play Mart Outdoor Art Classroom

Our recycled plastic products make it easy for a teacher to take an entire class outside for a variety of arts and crafts projects.  Children can develop small motor skills while creating works of art on the six-sided Paint Panel Wall.  Two age-appropriate Tables provide a surface for other craft projects.  Adults can sit on the comfortable, ergonomically designed bench.  Tots learn to recycle and dispose of trash with the Tot Trash Receptacles.  The Clean-up Station has an outdoor sink, with self priming pump, and containers for clean and dirty water.  Recycle the water for plants in the versatile Planter Boxes.  Grow fragrant flowers to give children the opportunity to observe beneficial insects, birds and butterflies. Help them develop the skills for sorting and classifying with our removable Treasure Trays.  The indoor/outdoor rolling Art Cart has two spacious shelves for holding all your supplies, and four cup holders for markers or paint brushes.

Contact a sales representative for more information and pricing!

Outdoor Art Classroom - HSBS PPL

Play Mart Outdoor Music Garden

Freenotes outdoor musical instruments are perfect for music therapy sessions which encourage individuals to use music to deal with emotional issues, especially when they are unable to express them through speech. Where words fail, music may be a medium through which to explore one's inner world and experiences.
The playing of good quality percussion instruments can be of inestimable value for individuals who have difficulties in hearing, seeing, moving, thinking or responding.  Each can experience music in their own unique way.  These beautiful instruments allow individuals to engage their senses by creating soothing sounds, encouraging self-expression, improving cognitive skills, and promoting social interactions.
Freenotes outdoor musical instruments are tuned to the pentatonic scale, making playing effortless as the notes within the scale all harmonize with one another.  There are no discordant notes, compelling even the non-musical to pick up a mallet and play, producing new and original melodies each time.  Each has been carefully designed to ensure the instruments can accommodate wheelchair users and therefore encourage more outdoor living and greater physical activity.

Contact a sales representative for more information and pricing!

Outdoor Music Garden - HSBS PPL

Play Mart Water, Sand & Secret Play Spaces

Our Vine House with attached Planter Boxes provides a trellis to grow vines, vegetables or flowers.  Children gain hands-on experience in planting seeds, watering, caring for and harvesting small vegetables.  The Eco-Roof House also provides a beginning appreciation of environment conservation.  EcoTrays contain plant varieties (sedums, primarily) and a soil recipe specifically intended for non-irrigated environments.  The plants help detoxify and oxygenate the air, in addition to attracting beneficial insects and butterflies. Both the Nature houses provide shady, social spaces for small groups of children.  Our Sand Box provides tremendous tactile and imaginative experiences.  The top border provides a stable seat and building surface.  When not in use, the sandbox is kept clean with a Sunbrella fabric cover. Water is always a favorite with children and our re-circulating system includes three Bowls, a Pump and a Reservoir. The kid-powered water wheel and pump means no electronics and no plumbing!  An easily accessible filter and drain-plugs make cleaning simple. A reservoir beneath the center bowl (not shown) has wheels and handles for quick removal and replacement.

Contact a sales representative for more information and pricing!

Water, Sand & Secret Play Spaces - HSBS PPL


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