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Rubber Surfacing


The Consumer Product Safety Council (CPSC) estimates that about 60% of all playground equipment related accidents result from falls to the ground surface. About three-fourths of all fall-related deaths reported to CPSC involved head injuries. If the surface beneath the play equipment is unyielding (such as concrete or asphalt), serious head injuries can result from falls. Therefore, the CPSC recommends that a RESILIENT SURFACE be applied to the ground surface beneath the playground equipment.

Play Mart strongly urges all purchasers of our equipment to comply with these recommendations for safety and liability purposes. The following surfacing options meet the current CPSC recommendation (4.5) and ASTM F 1951 Standard for ADA accessible surface material and the ASTM 1292 Standard for impact attenuation.

As a part of our safety surface installation package, we include a custom designed play equipment site plan to locate borders and surfacing to be installed by our professional equipment crew.

  • Engineered Wood Fiber

    Engineered Wood Fiber

    Organic (compostable) material. Most economical choice. Must be maintained and refilled to maintain critical height depth. Requires containment border and weed-control fabric.

  • Shredded Rubber Surfacing

    Loose Fill Rubber

    Recycled rubber. Will not rot, fade, or float away. Needs containment border. Many color options available. Versatile product that can be used for play use zones and mulch for planter boxes or garden beds.

  • Unitary Rubber

    Unitary Rubber

    Recycled EDPM rubber mixed and poured on site into optional custom designs and colors.  Durable, porous, many color choices. Sub-surface must be concrete, asphalt or compacted stone. Good choice for accessible pathways.

  • Rubber Tiles

    Play Tiles

    Factory molded interlocking tiles. Durable with several color choices. Sub-surface must be concrete, asphalt or compacted stone. No borders required. Low maintenance. 

  • Grass Turf


    Recycled rubber base mat with polyethylene turf fibers and optional rubber in-fill.  Sub-surface must be concrete, asphalt, compacted stone or excavated earth. Invitingly green, soft texture resembling real grass.